Tilting at Windmills.

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey was rightly slammed by the ABC today for whinging about having to drive past wind turbines on his commute from Sydney to Canberra, calling them “utterly offensive” and “a blight on the landscape”.

May I respectfully suggest to the Treasurer that he take a road trip through Gippsland, where gigantic open-cut lignite mines and associated power stations are producing the dirtiest form of electricity. The only concern is that he would be justified in saying that the Gippsland mines are not a blight on the landscape, because by the time they’re up and running, there’s no landscape left to be blighted. Except indirectly, by the particulates spewed out of Hazelwood Power Station and its cousins, and by the climate change the government is doing its best to pretend it gives two shits about.

Between this latest piece of idiocy and Tony Abbott’s unilateral decision to reinstate knighthoods, the real facts are quickly becoming apparent. The Liberal Party isn’t taking after Thatcher, or Reagan, or even Robert Menzies, any more. Their intellectual idol is obviously Don Quixote.

But seriously folks, the jokes are writing themselves by this point.


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