Happy 2016!

I have, of course, been very busy for the last few weeks, which I hope may go some way toward excusing my recent absence on here. Between packing our things for shipment home; saying goodbye to everyone in Nanjing; settling ourselves in and catching up with friends in Melbourne; dealing with shipping company bureaucracy (although it doesn’t seem it will take nearly as long as last time — our shipment left China less than two weeks after we did, and is expected to get to us in January); Christmas; and of course the all-important and all-stressful job-hunting — I’ve had a lot on my mind!

We’re not doing anything special for New Year’s Eve this year. We were invited to three or four parties, and planned on going to a couple of them, but the missus and I have both been taken down by some sort of stomach bug, so we’re just having a quiet night in. We’ll be asleep well before midnight. Look at us, getting old. I didn’t sign up for this.

But it’s almost a relief in some ways. Of course we want to catch up with our friends here, most of whom we haven’t seen in nearly a year. But the fact that we don’t have to rush through and get all the catching-up done in the space of a rushed few weeks — and therefore, catching up with most people all in a few big parties rather than on a more intimate basis — is immensely refreshing. And so, to everyone we haven’t seen yet, including those who we hoped to see tonight: we’re not snubbing you, and we’ve missed you all. We’ll get to you just as soon as we have the spoons (and the healthy bodies) to do it properly.

I have a more reflective post written, looking back at some of the ideas that have occupied my thinking over the past year, but I think I’ll put that up tomorrow. It needs more brainsing to polish it up than I’m really up to right now. So I’ll just sign off with a Happy New Year!, and see you on the other side.


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