Delusions of Grandeur

Free is a Four Letter Word.

George Franklin’s worst nightmare could never have prepared him for the world he woke to behold: the Imperial Platonic Republic of America, land of sheep and bureaucrats, where you can’t make the slightest move without being scanned, catalogued and taxed — and no one, from the Emperor on down, seems to give a damn.

Sent to a psychiatric ward for the crime of neither having nor wanting an ID chip, his only hope is Samantha Frey, a bureaucrat in the massive government data industry who believes his story that things used to be different. But when he uncovers Sam’s involvement in the beginnings of a government eugenics program, it is clear that George can’t trust anybody.

How can you describe the Sun to a blind man, or a symphony to the deaf?
How can you set free someone who doesn’t even know he’s a slave?
Is any right so inalienable that even those who don’t want it must have it?
Must stability be the price of freedom, or freedom the price of stability?

Delusions of Grandeur is Phillip Krohn’s first novel.

Check back here later for more information.


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